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Libya Up project – Misurata first disemmination event

17.1.2023 - Misurata first dissemination event

Libya Up project aims to improve Libyan HEIs’ role for the economic and social development of the country. The specific objective is to enhance HEIs specific capacities to connect academia and research activities to the labor market and civil society trough the establishment of TTOs Technology Transfer Offices. The Startup Misurata Event is held from 4-1-2022 to 7-1-2022 which is funded by Misurata free zone company, the event is one of the outcome of Libya Up project were the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center in Misurata University the organizer of the event has received training session within the activities of Libya Up Project. The event has high level of participates in instant The Libyan Prime minister, Minister of Finance, Misurata University Rector, Chairman of Free Zoon company, Misurata Mayor, French Cultural AttachĂ©, German Cultural AttachĂ©, Turkish Consult in Misurata, businessmen, and a lot of
stockholders. During the competition, 20 innovative ideas were selected and the first three ranked with the rewarding ideas were:

  • “Pigeon” Team: A women’s taxi application with a female crew only;
  • “I want Game” Team: An application for sports enthusiasts;
  • “Quick Service Center” Team: An application that provides an electronic car repair workshop to order at the time of need


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